Middlesex Junior Squash ICC Stage 2 Nov 17

Middlesex Junior Squash ICC Stage 2 Nov 17
Stage 2 for Middlesex Juniors was more competitive this time with more wins for our players.


The GU11s travelled to Hampshire to play strong counties.
Results: 0-3 vs Hampshire and 1-2 vs Wiltshire.


The GU15s travelled to Sussx to Bluecoats finishing a good second.
Results: 0-5 vs Sussex and winning 3-2 vs Wiltshire


The GU17s were home at Southgate Squash & Racketball Club .  With a man down we did well.
Results: 2-3 vs Surrey 2, 4-0 vs Kent 2 and 1-4 vs Cambridgeshire.


BU13s were at home at Finchley Manor Tennis, Squash & Health Club. Again strong competition for our young players.
Results: 1-4 vs Kent, 1-4 vs Surrey and 3-2 vs Hertfordshire.


BU15s were away in Cambridge.  Beaten by the stronger counties but a good win against Bucks.
Results: 1-4 vs Hampshire, 1-4 vs Cambridgeshire and 4-1 vs Buckinghamshire.


BU17s our winning team travelled to Ipswich.  There were some fantastic matches with Joey Dawson playing the best his coach had ever see him play.  4-1 vs Norfolk and 3-2 vs Suffolk.  Coach Stephen Thompson seems to think we might be through to the finals but we'll have to get that verified.
Results: 4-1 vs Norfolk and 3-2 vs Suffolk


Thanks to all the coaches, clubs and parents that made this happen. We cannot make these these happen with out you and give our players the opportunities play for their county.