Report: Millfield Gold

Report: Millfield Gold

Congratulations to all juniors who played at the Millfield Gold and a big thank you to parents and coaches who prepared the team.

We had a total of 15 juniors qualify for this prestigious event, which is a record in our history.

We saw great team spirit, amongst the Middlesex camp

There were plenty of hard matches fought, lots of nail biting and pacing by parents and team mates alike.

A big thank you to Brendon who provided all the support to players and parents during the weekend

The results showed a fantastic overall performance, with lots of players being their National Rankings, so well done all

  • Margot Prow - GU19 runner up,
  • Ben Harrison – BU17 Semi finalist
  • Zaminae Raja GU11 –6/14
  • Tayo – BU11 9/29
  • Arthur Pucell BU11 13/29
  • Alex Varanese BU11 – 17/29
  • Jackson Varanese BU11 – 24/29
  • Damian  Ducket BU13 - 16/32
  • James Carman BU15 - 13/56
  • Arjan Virdi BU15 - 23/56
  • Antoinnie Pucelle BU15 - 49/56
  • Ayman Raja BU15 - 52/56
  • Alice Lloyd GU17 - 22/22
  • Ameerah Elgarhy GU17– 17/22
  • Karim Elgarhy BU19 - 29/32


The next big event is the British Junior Championships at the end of October. So juniors please enter now.