Middlesex Leagues – Round 1 – 24th June @ Finchley Manor

Middlesex Leagues – Round 1 –  24th June @ Finchley Manor
Thank you to all Middlesex Juniors for attending the first Junior County Squash League at Finchley Manor.

We saw some exciting matches across all age categories.

Well done to everyone for taking part and congratulations to all winners and runners-up in this 1st round.

Runner Up
Under 10
Rio Swasey 
Marley King
Age 11-13
Alex Herskovitz                
Alessandro Bocos
Age 13
Richard Cochrane
Ben Yu
Age 14
Oliver Herskovitz
Kes Aparicio
Age 15-16
Chris Yu
Grufford Gozali
A big thank you to Finchley Manor for hosting us and to Irvin and Wasana for feeding us!

We would love to hear your feedback on how you think this first event went and suggestions for improving the next one.

We will shortly let you know when the next league matches will be played.

Final Standings attached and looking forward to seeing you all at the next one!