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The Middlesex team of coaches present a number of fitness programmes for all junior players in all clubs in Middlesex. Sessions are tailored to their ability, physicality and strength. Each programme has been designed by Stephen Thompson, who is our County Fitness coach, and delivered by our county coaches who will work with you throughout each programme. They will give you explanations on what each exercise does and aims to achieve, and why you should practice them. In turn a player will use the exercises and knowledge in the practice on court and when playing matches.

The aim is to keep players fit and active when off court, have fun and use the techniques on court.

The Groups

We have 4 groups of exercise and fitness session which have been designed for each different levels of players in the county:

Fitness with Stephen Thompson: These sessions are for junior players of all levels and are approx 30-40 mins long

HPC - High Performance Coaching: These sessions are designed for our high performance Platinum and Gold players who are nationally ranked and take part in national and regional championships. The sessions are high intensive and provide an impactive and strengthening workout.

TAP - Talent Acceleration Programme: These sessions are for our county level players in our Silver and Bronze groups. These are usually club and county players who play in Cooper and Bronze tournaments and aspire to play Silver tournaments as well as working up to HPC/Gold players. The fitness sessions are designed to provide specific exercises that can increase fitness and can be used to improve performance on court.

JET - Junior Emerging Talent: These sessions are for our development players who are relatively new to squash, and have just started on their competitive pathway. Exercises are low-medium impact which works on increasing a players fitness.

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